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Melting down at Walt Disney World…and I don’t mean Mickey Ice Cream Bars!

on November 28, 2011

If you were watching me…watching them, you would notice the mixture of bewilderment, awe and pity.  Don’t misunderstand!  I do get it!  I have 3 boys, but I was pretty lucky…they have been troopers from day 1.  They are theme park veterans from an early age.  I am not one of those people that looks at the poor parents with disgust, nor do I think that you and your melty child have no business being at the happiest place on earth??!!  I look and watch because, not unlike a car wreck, you just have to watch!  It is the gale force winds emitting from their tiny lungs, the super hero strength that makes the biggest, muscly Dads sweat, and the the tiny face the colour of a Pomegranate at Christmas!  Add another interesting layer….a very tiny Princess that has visited the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique earlier that day that is sporting an up-do and tiara that is the envy of prom queens everywhere! Or, a very small Capt. Jack wielding a sword with drunken sailor abandonment! When you mix that sweat and tears with glitter and hairspray or a fake moustache and dread locks, you have….I’m not really sure?  I really do take pity, I know it’s hard…and I especially feel for the folks that have truly saved for a better part of their lives as parents, to bring their kids to the “magic”.

So…a few tips to start, to try and avoid the “this trip is costing us a lot of money and you are going to have FUN!” syndrome.

1. Pre-plan, pre-plan then, pre-plan! If it is your first visit or your 10th visit, you have to pre-plan.  This is one very good reason to book your trip with a qualified Disney Vacation planner, like Pure Magic Vacations! (shameless plug)  We do fantastic itinerary planning. 🙂

2. You have spent say….5 grand to bring your family to Disney…rent the stroller….everyday.  They are awesome, turn on a dime and you can sit your butt in it while the kids are with Dad or vice versa.

3.  When you stay on Disney property, you are likely not driving a vehicle and you may not be carrying any cash since you have everything on your Key to the Kingdom card.  Bring cash.  A cab from one end of WDW to the other is about $20.00.  It could very well save your life.  MELT DOWN CAN OCCUR while waiting in the line for the bus back to Port Orleans after the fireworks at Magic Kingdom.  You have just watched 14 other buses leave for every other resort on property and there are 300 people ahead of you in line.  Again, you have spent 5 grand…spend the 20 and be in bed in 15 mins.  I am not knocking Disney Transport by any means…just spend the 20.

4.  In the big picture….will the extra $25.00 you spend on the Disney stuffy, hat, sword, Ears etc….really matter at the end of the day….let them pick one, tell them they can have one, buy one and at the end of it all, buy another…these are the magical touches that they remember and could have very well saved you maybe 2 melt downs. (factor in at least 1 Mickey Ice Cream per day, it is only right! For the kids too!)

5.  Advanced Dining Reservations…hmmmmm, you know your kids best, but….I have for years avoided them and it was only as my kids got older that we started using them.  Why??  If my boys wanted to keep going, we kept going!  If they were hungry at 4, we ate at 4.  Saying dinner is not until 8, so that you can see Mickey, Donald, Goofy is just a recipe for disaster if you ask me.  If you can get an early seating, go for it, or do breakfast!

6.  On your first day of arrival…make sure you have exactly what you may need in your carry-on to get through the day.  Including swimsuits!  ME (Magical Express) is awesome, but on occasion…your bags don’t show up until, oh say, maybe, 1:00…..AM! Keep this in mind for Disney cruising too.

7.  You know those characters that we all LOVE so much…so do the other 5 million people in the park with you.  Long line ups waiting to fill those cute autograph books….choose wisely….do a pre check on the hungry, tired, thirsty, gotta go to the bathroom meter. Don’t stress the kids out by trying to get the perfect picture.  Candid shots of them interacting with the cast members and characters are often the best.

8. Take advantage of the Touring Plan apps, make arrangements to have access to data if from outside of the U.S.

9. Realize you will not see it all.  Know your maps. Understand the Fast Pass system.

10. Remember why you spent the money, not how much you are spending

Disney is all about making magical memories.  Memories for you just as much as memories for them.  Put yourself in their shoes, be patient. Go with the flow a little bit and breathe. It is so much excitement, so much sugar, so much fun and really and truly one of the greatest times in their little lives.  Cherished by all for ever and ever.

Keep checking back…Pixie Dust to all!ImageImage


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