Disney Vacation Experts

Christmas at Walt Disney World

on January 11, 2012

Wow….talk about a busy time time in the parks! Universal included! We just returned from 11 days of heavenly weather, to minus 17-18 degrees Celsius, which is….ummmmm…really cold in Fahrenheit! Record numbers in the parks this Christmas. Universal hit their all time high! I didn’t actually get into the M.K., but we did Epcot , H.S. and A.K. Since we are veterans of the parks, I was able to keep my parents (70’s) one step ahead of the crowds and I officially joined the elite “fast pass sprint group” A job usually reserved for my husband or much younger than me, sons! You know the drill….enter park…book it to the first fast pass option of the day, pre-determined after much thought! I did a date night with my husband to Universal 😉 since I felt it was only right to pay homage to JAWS. I did the ride and forced myself to actually look at the shark to say good bye. It still terrified me….I KNOW it’s not real. 😳 So, I said good bye, good riddance scary fish! Rumor has it…Harry Potter moving in there as well. Not much new at WDW…yet!!! Looking forward to an exciting 2012 for WDW! Including the lovely “Fantasy”…gotta figure out a way to get on a Disney Cruise soon…suffering withdrawal! Hope you all had a Merry Christmas and a very happy holiday season…we were in FLA for the first time on Christmas day…thought we might feel odd and miss the traditional Christmas at home….NOPE! Had a great time and would do it again. Happy New Year!! Anyone else there over the holidays??


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